Real Estate

At Kenalty Winn our primary focus is Real Estate Law, which includes the purchase and sale of property, and all matters associated with mortgages. Our Firm’s hands on approach to the practice of law means that our solicitors are available to assist clients through the entire real estate transaction from beginning to end.

The solicitors of Kenalty Winn have a particular interest in helping clients navigate through the process of purchasing and owning rental properties, both residential and commercial.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate:

  • Purchase and Sale: Our solicitors will review and provide advice on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale prior to acceptance. In the case of private transactions our firm can assist in the preparation and drafting the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for our clients.
  • Mortgages and Refinance of Mortgage: Our Solicitors act for both our clients and the Lenders with respect to all types of mortgage transactions.

Rental Properties:

  • Residential: Our solicitors are happy to provide advice for both prospective and existing landlords with respect to the purchase and ownership of residential rental properties. Our Firm assists clients with drafting and/or reviewing of their residential leases and will represent Landlord’s at or help them navigate the intricacies of the Landlord and Tenant Board tribunal.
  • Commercial: Our solicitors are happy to provide advice for commercial landlords with respect to their existing commercial leases and to assist with the drafting of new commercial leases. If you are a prospective tenant of a commercial property, our solicitors are able to help you navigate the process of entering into a commercial tenancy and to review the commercial lease with you.

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